Product Development

For many healthcare technology companies, staying on the leading edge requires a constant devotion to releasing new products.

But this “feed-the-machine” mentality often leads to an avoidance of any project with a significant development time, and favors a succession of weak “me-too” offerings. Making matters worse, new restrictions have denied firms crucial insights by hampering their interaction with clinical professionals.

But 12th Man Technologies provides a way to surmount these challenges.

We offer a radically different approach

Leveraging more than three decades of combined experience, singular insights, strong industry relationships and unique methodologies, we can help you bring new and better products to market—faster.

Our exclusive Distributive Development approach divides projects into expert team-based segments that span different disciplines and skills sets different continents and time zones. This totally fresh, independent approach ensures you of—

• More efficient use of time, money and resources
• Greater first-time accuracy
• Faster product development
• Superior product development

Even if you know exactly what you want to build, 12th Man Technologies can get it done faster, taking the project from concept right up to design transfer for manufacturing.

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