Project Acceleration

If it seems your projects are never done on time, you’re not alone—nor lacking for explanations.

Development teams have grown. Meetings have become more difficult to schedule, conduct and contain. With a crushing onus to meet schedules, people want to commit less in order to complete early. Yet they always fulfill Parkinson’s Law by expanding work to suit the allotted time.

If you want to give your project a quantum leap forward, turn to 12th Man Technologies.

We help speed you toward success

Proven effective over the course of two decades, our exclusive Distributive Development approach increases your project’s “velocity” by dividing it into team-based segments across the world—wherever the expertise lies.

When development is interdependent—spanning different time zones, we can manage two to three shifts of work in a single 24-hour period. And because we always use the most qualified professionals for every process, first-time success rates rise, and the work gets done faster.

12th Man Technologies personnel are multicultural with members spending months each year in Europe, Canada and Asia to assure that technology development is built upon personal relationships with each working team.

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