Patent Assessment

Competitive Patent Assessments

With nearly 500,000 patent applications submitted annually, it’s increasingly hard to develop new products without encroaching on intellectual property barriers that can limit entry to some markets. Still, you cannot and must not be deterred in your quest to maintain marketshare.

We’ll find a smart, safe way around

Offering a fresh, often oblique look at your competitor’s patents—born of our unmatched expertise, 12th Man Technologies can find alternative, non-infringing pathways for development, and inventive ways to help you succeed.

When you’re up against a locked patent wall, we may well have a key to create the doorway.

Internal Patent Assessments

Patents can be one of your most valuable assets. Yet poorly constructed ones can also be among your biggest mistakes. The lesson? Intellectual property value can be minimized by competitors seeking to develop similar technology in non-infringing ways.

We’ll help safeguard your creations
With broad experience in this critical area, we can review your patent applications under strict confidentiality and suggest ways of improving both their durability and long-term value to your company.

Don’t let your precious brainchild become an orphan.
Take full advantage of 12th Man Technologies.

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